“Moooove forward….”

Because you’re made to move yourself and others.

“Mooove Forward”, with this yell & movement the intensive 2-days with 21 leaders of Air France- KLM Cargo, located in Germany and Austria ended.  Digitization is a rapid growing fact in the logistic world of Cargo transport. This means rapid changes in the way customers are served. As in other branches or services, online booking is increasing. More than ever clients make their choice on the basis of price and reviews. That means a lot for the strategy, but also and especially for the organization culture.

Culture eats strategy for breakfast everyday” argued management guru Peter Drucker at the end of the last century. Although the strategy is still strong, the success stands or falls with the way people work together. With the help of “Spiral Dynamics” – a methodology in which values, leadership and change are seen as a dynamic whole – the different layers of culture were examined. What values, standards and practices do we use to date? Which ones are relevant to preserve for the future? What do we have to develop?

After 2 days of storytelling, personal reflection on leadership, rituals and routines, research into the functioning of power and control mechanisms, unanimous enthusiasm arose about the way in which digitization and additional culture would be tackled.

A selection from the final statement:

  • Continuous learning and training is the new normal;
  • Advising & consulting is an increasingly important and essential part of our service;
  • Change-process comes from within. By making more use of our creativity (brainstorming), combined with our practical and commercial steering power, we get acceleration;
  • Review and update our processes based on new insights;
  • Change of life and communication requires, in addition to business acumen: warm human contact, empathy and positive translation of resistance. “The glass is half full instead of half empty”;
  • Leadership through exemplary behavior, asking questions, encouraging and offering help yields more than convincing top-down;
  • Being open to change as a leader also means dealing with failures. Learning is about making mistakes;
  • “Infection of change”. This meant that a major change consists of many small changes in daily practice;

The days ended with inspiring speeches about how each leader will take his next steps as “change ambassador”. Concrete actions based on rich insights. They can be a solid ground in which they can go on.

“Mooove Forward”, because you’re made to move yourself and others.

Hans Ruijs &

Nanning-Thijs Klok.