Renewing the spirit

For two days the 19 leaders of Air France – KLM Cargo located in Germany and Austria gathered together to reflect on their coorporation and leadership issues.

The workshop was initiated by Koen Bolster, who began one year ago as the new director, and co-facilitated by Hans Ruijs (IMO) and Nanning-Thijs Klok (2-Tact). It took place at Oberursel in the Taunusregion close to Frankfurt.

The leadership-team is spread on different locations over Germany and Austria. One year they have Koen as their new boss. It is important for him that his crew is in a good connection with each other and that they continuously work on their own personal leadership-skills.

The Leadership-team researched the four core-qualities of leadership which results in a common understanding of guiding leadership principles.

Inspiring means for us, to open-up new perspectives, to stimulate self-responsible acting and to go ahead as a role model.

Coaching means for us, to promote knowledge and social competences so that the employees can shape their work self- initiative and independently.

Steering means for us, with the help of lean processes and the efficient use of resources, to achieve the clearly defined goals.

Intervening means for us, to interfere at undesirable situations in order to protect quality, goals, results, values and people.

The participants where well prepared for this workshop. They had personal coaching meetings with Nanning-Thijs in advance, where they reflected their personal Insight profile.

During the workshop they came into an exchange in which each person appears authentically with own strengths, pitfalls, challenges and allergies. This created trust towards each other and leads finally to more understanding of the colleagues.

In an open dialogue they addressed organisational questions and brought them into movement. They committed themselves to take next steps and to build a solid ground in which they can go on for the next months.

Hans Ruijs & Nanning Thijs Klok